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What To Love About Sommeil

Personalized Customer Service

Sommeil understands that each customer who visits our page has a unique need. We offer 24/7 chat support to assist our customers in choosing the right product for their need. We also offer customization for Sommeil sheets for those who have different size specifications.

Practicality Over Profit

Our product sets are curated to provide the “best deal” for the practical Filipino.

We go by one simple rule, “pay only for what you need”— the very reason why our products are affordable. Sommeil also uses packaging that can be reused multiple times. Lastly, we offer pre-washed and ready-to-use Sommeil sheets at no additional cost.

Yes, we are practical that way.

Supporting Locals

Sommeil loves the Filipino, and we are hopeful that by supporting each others’ businesses, we are helping out the economy collectively.

We provide livelihood opportunities especially to those who lost their jobs

during of the pandemic.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Materials and Processes

Sommeil believes that aside from sleeping on quality products, what can truly

give us a restful sleep (and a promising tomorrow), is knowing that the luxury we are experiencing is not to the detriment of our environment. There are a lot of cheaper materials in the market that can otherwise maximize our profit. But we choose to be responsible dwellers of this planet. We only use materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

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